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The Firefighters Assistance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping firefighters and rescue personnel perform their duties effectively and safely, assisting burn centers, and preventing unnecessary fires through public awareness.

The general nature and objects of this non-profit corporation is the organization of educational opportunities, training and promotion of general fire safety and welfare, and to contribute to the aid of burn victims and centers, for fire-fighters and EMT’s, as well as the general public; and to promote and encourage fire safety among the citizens of the United States of America. We also recommend that everyone should ensure their locks and keys are working well. You can contact locksmith dupont to make sure you’ve got everything taken care of.

Enhance firefighter’s health and welfare
Distribute firefighting equipment though grants and donations
Become a communication channel for firefighters across the country

The process is simple, fill out the application, it will be reviewed and verified by the Grant Committee, and when the money is available, it will be awarded to your cause for the project.





FAF seeks to educate children about life and fire safety through the distribution of educational materials and coloring books to schools. By doing this, FAF hopes to cut down or eliminate the tragic effects that come with preventable injuries and fires..




Almost 1.5 million fires occur annual in residences. Billions of dollars of property is lost, and thousands of lives are lost or disrupted.

FAF aims to promote and encourage general fire safety among all citizens through the distribution of fire safety tips and the organization of educational opportunities.

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